This is a space for writing and dialogue on cinema, pop culture, various forms of narrative and things related therein.  The content is brought to the reader from a lifelong connoisseur and student of film and narrative originally from New England now living in Washington, DC. Mixed American Film Buff seeks to produce short form blog content with a scholarly approach, providing weekly reactions to theatrical releases and television episodes as well as longer-form studies and analyses of specific works, artists, and themes.

One thought on “About

  1. Jeffrey, I am Mel T. We met last summer at your folks’ place in Maine. You may recall I was a film major a long time ago.
    You are a good writer. You have generated content on a lot of subjects here. Your breadth is impressive. I am a big fan of Luther. I loved True Detective. We share a lot of other likes.
    I have been working on my own blog in a joint venture with an SEO expert. Google’s latest is they like embedded videos from Youtube in blog posts (perhaps a film clip). They also like at least one link out from the post to another authority website (perhaps a related review in the NYT or WSJ or Paste. And third they want an internal link going to another one of your blog posts, either anchor text or naked.
    Speaking of Paste, I am a fan of Justified. A few years ago I found a writer covering every episode on the Paste website This guy is an audiovisual salesman by day. You might be able to find a hole in Paste’s coverage of film, video and TV with all your topics. That would be a good way to get more exposure. Keep at it. Mel


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