‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4, Episode 1: “Two Swords” Reaction


As I sat alone in my apartment slowly applauding computer generated images of dragons I realized without embarrassment that I really am part of a specific class of people. The class I’m referring to is that class who believe that this particularly inspired combination of the mythical, carnal, gory, and political is the richest narrative universe in all of genre fiction. George R.R. Martin is the talent of a lifetime. 

I thought this was the strongest season premiere Game of Thrones has had thus far. The opening sequence featuring the forging of two new swords out of “Ice” was astounding. It’s such a beautiful action made possible by such a horrific event, all with no words; cinematic filmmaking on television.  Everything that followed was no less impressive. I especially loved the Tyrion scenes (shocker, right?), particularly the one with Sansa. Watching the young actors grow in their talent over the course of these seasons has been such a pleasure and Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams both do some of their best work to date in this episode.


I’m a huge fan of the Dornish characters in the books, and the television introduction of Oberyn and Ellaria did not disappoint. I adore Indira Varma; she’s great in everything I’ve seen her in and she’s absolutely perfect for this role.

Everyone who’s both read the books and enjoys the show would likely agree that this season will be astounding even if it manages to merely “hold serve,” as it were. The notion that the quality of the show has been improving as the series rolls on is one that I happen to share. Given that and the strength of this season premiere, I believe we’re in for a tremendous batch of episodes of this wonderful series. Can’t wait for the wedding.

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